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Who’s on First?

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The sun was shining at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The sky was blue, and the thermometer read about 75 degrees. It was a perfect day for a great game of baseball — if only it wasn’t late January and the middle of the offseason. On this day, Angel Stadium and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim played host to a different group of players — in-house counsel.

Last week, the ACC’s Southern California chapter (ACC-SoCal) held their 8th Annual In-house Counsel Conference. This year marked the first time that the event spanned two days, and as a result, attendance doubled last year’s and reached more than 400 people. Day one was held on Jan. 11, at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, I joined attendees on the conference’s second day at Angel Stadium.   

From a social media perspective, and as ACC’s director of social media, this event provided a great opportunity for ACC to use one of our growing social media channels. Through Twitter we were able to highlight a chapter event, share information with our followers, increase our audience and expand our reach by live-tweeting from the event. Not only did each session provide great sound bites perfect for tweeting out, but the SoCal chapter also did an excellent job of planning and strategizing their Twitter activities ahead of time, in preparation of the event. And, of course, I was happy to join those activities as @ACCinhouse.

The conference began promptly at 8 AM PST with “Welcome Remarks” from our Angel Stadium and conference host, David Cohen, director of legal affairs and risk management for Angels Baseball LP. After the remarks, it was all up-hill. Panel topics ranged from privacy of consumer information to intellectual property to social media in the workplace. Attendees were encouraged to follow along with the conference via the conference hashtag, #IHCC12, by either logging onto Twitter or simply viewing the hashtag’s stream as it scrolled along on a screen at the front of the room. As a result of great planning and execution, with a combination of live tweeting, re-tweeting and interactive messages, the Twitter Reach for #IHCC12 was over 11,000. Participants tweeted from 14 states and four countries. If these numbers haven’t convinced you of what an amazing conference this was, visit the SoCal chapter page on the ACC website to check out all of the presentation slides and program materials. Then, come back to this post, and tell us what you think.

Along with the fact that Angel Stadium is absolutely beautiful both inside and out, as one of very few non-lawyers in attendance at the conference, there were several key takeaways that I will put into practice as I continue to progress in my career. My top three include:

  • Beware of digital breadcrumbs!
  • If you are responsible for social media for your company, remember that your in-house counsel are your greatest ally. Consult with them regularly.
  • Who’s on first? A lawyer’s response would most likely be, “According to section 22A of Who’s contract, he will no longer be … No you cannot tweet this, and yes, we deleted his Facebook page this morning.”
  • David Cohen

    Thank you for joining us at #IHCC12! We appreciated your efforts to make our program interactive and better overall.
    I am happy to report we got lots of positive feedback about the program. The Twitter screen got so much attention that at least a half dozen attendees joined and started tweeting. Twitter tag was a hit as well! Kudos to you for all the great ideas!
    Thank you again for everything!

  • Chante

    Well written. I love your three take aways at the end.