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Tell Me More About Yourself

Posted in ACC Docket

(March 2012)

Most of the managers I know do not enjoy interviewing job candidates. It’s not that we don’t want you to have the job; however, it is often difficult to dig deep enough during an interview. Old school interview questions aren’t much help, and I admit that I have asked more than one candidate to “tell me more about yourself,” which is why I now find other questions to ask. I once asked a job candidate how her friends would describe her. Imagine my surprise when she replied, with aplomb, “a drama queen.” Needless to say, the person who did not answer the question this way is now ACC Docket’s managing editor: Tiffani R. Alexander.

Although ACC Docket can’t help you discover creative interview questions, we can help you manage the employees and outsourcers you hire, to deliver the best value to your clients. The March issue is overflowing with content from experts in law department management. You won’t be disappointed by what we’ve put together: 

·      Rethinking the Role of Corporate Counsel

·      Empowering Your Information Security and Data Protection Program Through Facilitated Policy Development

·      I Just Became a General Counsel: What Do I Do Next?

·      Why You Should See Value in the Green Attorney

·      Renegotiating Supplier Contracts to Bring New Value to the Client

So, if you happen to meet Tiffani Alexander, our managing editor, ask her to tell you more about herself. I guarantee that you won’t hear the words “drama queen” in her answer.


Kim Howard
  • Danette Wineberg

    Here’s another excellent piece in this issue of the ACC Docket:  “Zero-sum Game” by Mary Delahunty

    Great piece, Mary!   I (and the in-house team with whom I worked) always found
    it so disappointing and discouraging when other in-house counsel employed that
    illogical, scorched-earth negotiation style. 
    I think your analysis is right on point, and will no doubt be valuable
    for many in-house attorneys.  I am
    hopeful it will even change a few practices. 
    Thank you for writing it!

    Danette Wineberg

    Former General Counsel, Timberland