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It’s Packed Just Right

Posted in ACC Annual Meeting

In preparation of ACC’s 2012 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla., several ACC staff members took a site-inspection trip to visit the location of this year’s meeting, the Orlando World Center Marriott. Among the travelers were, Director of Education Liza Trey, Director of Information Technology Michaelle Shultz, and Director of Business Development Lucy Jones. Follow along as they each share their perspectives.

Liza on Logistics:

We chose the Orlando World Center Marriott because of its size and proximity to the adjoining convention center space. The space and accommodations at the property are excellent, as the location will allow ACC members to meet, network and learn all under one roof! There will be several networking opportunities since many of ACC’s affiliate members will host their social events on the property grounds. There are also plenty of windows and doors to keep those feelings of cabin fever at bay.

Not only does the property provide superior learning and networking facilities for ACC members, it also offers several family-friendly activities for those who choose to bring kids. Among other Orlando family-fun events, there are several swimming pools, shuttle buses to the parks, an arcade and a kid’s activity center.

If you would like more information on the Orlando World Center Marriott or ACC’s meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me at trey@acc.com.

Michaelle on IT:

I went on the site visit to test out the service and Wi-Fi availability at the Orlando World Center Marriott. I was pleasantly surprised with the open floor plan and the areas that were available for sitting and relaxing –– or for use as an impromptu workspace. The Wi-Fi service that ACC will be able to provide to members extends throughout the entire meeting space, and includes meeting rooms, shared spaces and the exhibit hall. In all meeting spaces, the data connectivity using my laptop, iPad, and cell phone to connect to webpages and mobile applications was consistent and speedy, however, if you’re expecting to use your mobile device frequently for calls and web-browsing, you may want to purchase the hotel’s daily data plan ($14.95), which made the speed acceptable and consistent.

For more information about technology availability, please contact me at shultz@acc.com.

Lucy’s Message to Sponsors:

Representing the ACC marketing team, I also tagged along on this site visit. From a 2012 Annual Meeting exhibitor perspective, I give the Orlando World Center Marriott two thumbs-up! While the Orlando destination will be different from previous ACC meeting sites in that everything is under one roof, I think this will ease our sponsors’ experience. The exhibit space is top-notch and less industrial than standard convention centers. Many amenities, like carpet, are already included. The space also affords new ancillary sponsorship options to make a great impression on ACC Annual Meeting attendees. Sponsors will be pleased to know that the exhibit hall and meeting rooms are all on one level, and reasonably close to each other. In addition, easy access to the center, natural light and nice views should enhance the exhibitor experience.

For more information about sponsor opportunities, please contact me at jones@acc.com.