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Rejuvenation Matters

Posted in ACC Docket


This is not an optimal time to write. It’s Friday. We leave for vacation this weekend — a vacation that’s a month later than normal. The kids’ swim team participation for the first time this year soaked up June and July. Oh, and my new boss started July 2, and I couldn’t leave her in the lurch. Needless to say, the grind of the commute is fraying my nerves, and I need to be rejuvenated.

I have spent most of my 20-year professional life working for associations. I belong to two professional associations and serve on the board of directors for one of them. This is fact: Associations are a place where members come to be rejuvenated.

Whether we are participating in an online discussion, calling someone for an answer or listening to a webinar, we are rejuvenating ourselves. When we volunteer with professional associations, we contribute to a better profession — this makes us smarter and makes our jobs easier, which allows for more long-term rejuvenation during our career paths. There is an excitement about a local, national or international event. It’s a place where we not only learn about our craft, but also make professional contact with others who completely understand us. While it is difficult to get away from the office — and no one is really untethered anymore — attending business events rejuvenates us. I’ve never known anyone to walk away from an onsite event and not be pumped up about something learned or someone met.

In December 1981, nine men got together for lunch. They needed a place to belong professionally because no other organization spoke to in-house counsel. They weren’t even called in-house counsel then. In 1982, ACC was born. Great things happen when you network. Just ask ACC’s founding fathers.

ACC started off its 30th anniversary celebration last month. Enjoy the fruits of three decades of labor. But please ensure that ACC will be here years from now. Consider signing up for an event, volunteering for a chapter or on a committee, or writing something for ACC Docket or Briefings.

Rejuvenating yourself matters not only to you but also to your chosen profession.




Kim Howard