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A Redesign With You in Mind

Posted in ACC Docket


ACC Docket has a new look. Yes, we know. You like the magazine the way it is. It’s not broken, so why redesign? Well, here’s the reason:

You spoke, and we listened. Your feedback about how and where you consume information, what works for you and why, even down to how you refer to the magazine, gets our attention. Our 2011 Readership Survey told us that more than 34 percent of you carry two mobile phones: one work and one personal. Most of you carry BlackBerry, iPhone and Droid smartphones, in that order. How do we make sure ACC Docket is at your fingertips? We make sure we are available in several formats.

Some of you may recall when we redesigned ACC Docket back in early 2006. Six years ago, neither the iPad nor the iPhone was even on the shelves. Whether you are an Apple fan or not, these devices have changed how we function in our personal and business lives. It’s also impacted the way we consume our information. Nowadays, readers receive information in several ways: print, mobile (including tablets) and online. Publications must adapt or die, even if they are offering stellar content. When you see ACC Docket’s mobile app symbol — the red “D” — next to “more online,” you see us bridging our online content with our print version.

Internally, ACC staff has always referred to ACC Docket as the Docket. That was not the official way we wanted it presented, but since it is also the way that most of you refer to the magazine, we acted. We made “Docket” more prominent on the cover. We cleaned up the look of the columns to include more white space. Any designer will tell you that white space is good for the eye. It causes less strain while reading. We can all use that since we seem to read now more than ever.

Other changes you may notice, include:

  • The new “See This” section profiles the data that ACC collects. You search for answers. We research and survey. You respond. It’s a good relationship. But sometimes, despite the communication efforts we make, you miss the information available to you.
  • The new “Wisdom of the Crowd” connects between ACC’s eGroups and the magazine. There are some interesting, thought-provoking issues being discussed in our online community. Reading is one way to glean discussion threads and link with other members.
  • The new column, “A Day in the Life” is exactly what it sounds like. Find out if your day is similar to that of other members.

You know that our features are in-depth. You said that a brief 30-second recap helps you determine whether you read the article. You asked. We provided. The ACC extras are still there in each piece; they just look a little nicer. Have we cut back on content? Nope. We just used the white space the right way to make your eye think we have.

One of the reasons people join associations is for networking and community. Our Member 2 Member section — with the bright yellow “M2M” icon — links the printed magazine to our online community. You are all connected as in-house counsel, but M2M connects you as ACC members. In this revamped section, you will still find member news and practical resources.

Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” While I wouldn’t say that the Docket staff is perfect, we are editors by trade. We hope that the changes within the covers of the Docket will make your experience better. If not, we’re open to change.

Kim Howard