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Four Family Members and Two TVs: Should I Benchmark Us?

Posted in ACC Docket


I had a conversation recently with a co-worker. We were discussing Super Bowl Sunday and the fact that I watched “Downton Abbey” in the middle of the game. As much as I love watching American football, “Downton Abbey” trumps any game.

I mentioned to my co-worker that we only have two televisions in our home. She was aghast, almost speechless. She mentioned a family member who has six TVs in their home of five. She could not get over the two-TV-to-four-people ratio, especially since we have a teen and a tween. I simply told her that we have a “no TV in the bedroom” rule in our house. It was a rule I grew up with, so I thought nothing of it.

I am sure I could quickly find a benchmark about televisions per household, but I don’t need to. My husband and I run our home the way we think it should be run, and that is based on a core set of values we grew up with and re-enforced as adults when we became parents. That said, professional benchmarking is somewhat different. You may wonder or need to know how other legal departments function. This is where ACC can help.

Whether it’s a new survey, such as ACC’s 2013 CLO Survey or this month’s law department management issue of ACC Docket, ACC has thousands of legal resources to help you manage your law department. For example, did you know that business management tops the non-legal skills that CLOs are seeking to develop in their law departments? Coming in a close second, near and dear to my profession, is communication. Project management rounds out the top three non-legal skills that CLOs wish to see developed.

If you want to be promoted or noticed within your legal department (apart from your legal expertise), developing these skills will help. To improve your business management skills, perhaps you can attend ACC’s Mini MBA or the Advanced Mini MBA, both of which qualify for CLE. Specifically tailored to in-house counsel, this program is an excellent professional development option. Maybe you already majored in business somewhere along the line. Perhaps your project management skillset is something you wish to wow your CLO with. If so, ACC’s Legal Service Management Workshop, which also qualifies for CPD and CLE, might be what you’re looking for.

ACC is your organization. It’s our job to help you. ACC Docket’s cover tag line is: Informed. Indispensible. In-house. We take that seriously.

ACC. It’s all right here.