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Three Days at the Beach and a Lesson in Planning

Posted in ACC Docket


My daughter and I recently had a girls’ getaway to the beach for three days. It was a wonderful way to end the summer with my almost-teen daughter. I learn so much more about my children when I get the chance to spend one-on-one time with them.

After breakfast each morning, we rode six miles up and down the boardwalk. The weather was perfect, even chilly for August. It was a good reminder that even in the dog days of a DC-area summer, you should always bring something long-sleeved — a light jacket or a sweatshirt — when you travel.

While the drive down was an easy three hours, the drive back took us twice as long. Due to an accident, we spent more than two hours in stop-and-go (mostly stop) traffic. Despite having less than half a tank of gas when we left the beach, I decided to top it off before we drove onto the interstate. I am extremely glad that I did. Who needs the hassle of running out of gas, but especially when you are stuck in a five-mile backup? Would I have really run out of gas before we got moving again? Probably not. But worrying about it would have made the wait more stressful.

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