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Connecting with Your Customers

Posted in ACC Docket


When was the last time that you spoke to one of your customers? I am not talking about your internal clients. I am talking about the people who help keep you in business: customers who use your bank; fly your airline; watch your movie; drink your product; eat your food; or shop at your store.

I like the CBS show “Undercover Boss” and its underlying concept: The CEO (or someone from the C-suite) of an organization spends a week working undercover in an entry-level position. One show that I watched had the COO of Churchill Downs mucking stalls. I’ve seen the CEO of a wine company working on a delivery truck, making sure that the distributors received his product on time and in good condition. The show normally ends with the executive generously providing something to the employees who really went above and beyond — the kind of dedicated employee we want all of our staff to be and we wish to emulate.

From a business perspective, there are several reasons this concept is a good idea.  However, I would like to focus on this reason: It gives the executive an in-depth understanding of how the company really functions on the front lines on a daily basis. I have read stories about companies who train new hires in this way. Is your company one of them? Have you experienced this? I would love to hear more.

Similarly, there are many ways that ACC keeps in touch with our members. One way is that we make monthly phone calls to randomly selected members. We generally have six members to call. (Our non-US members usually get an email due to time differences.) When we do connect with you, please know that your feedback matters. Anytime an ACC staff member can connect with a member, it helps the organization improve. So, if you hear from us, please provide honest feedback when you have it. Sometimes, everything with your ACC membership is humming along nicely, and we will gladly accept that, too.

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