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Spring Has Arrived … Along with a New Issue of the Docket

Posted in ACC Docket

(April 2014)

To many, April represents the beginning of spring, while others associate it with the beginning of harvest season. April was also originally, according to the Roman calendar, the second month of the year, and came from the Latin word “Aprilis,” meaning “to open.” In the United States, people reserve the first day of the month to play tricks on each other, a day otherwise known as April Fools ­­—­­ and an “April Fool” is referred to as an “April Fish” in Italy, France and Belgium.

It’s also my birthday month and, therefore, my very favorite of the year.

At ACC, April is home to the HR and Employment issue of ACC Docket. While we have no articles on how to prepare for springtime or manage your crops during the harvest, our cover story, “Managing Employees in a Divided Nation,” does offer suggestions on how to deal with a workforce made up of employees who live in different states, which have different laws as it relates to issues concerning LBGT employees, “legal” marijuana use and firearm possession. Other articles in the issue focus on conducting a wage and hour audit, managing potentially responsive information from cell phones, an overview of Canada’s Social Venture Connexion (SVX) model, and — available online only — “Understanding the NIST’s Proposal for Reducing Cyber Risk.”

The April issue is also home to Latin American Briefings, one of our four region-focused newsletters exploring hot-button issues affecting in-house counsel in Canada, EMEA, Asia and Latin America. Learn some best practices for outsourcing in Mexico, and more about the new Brazilian Commercial Code and its affect on corporate law in the country. Just a note: We also published a three-part series on Brazil’s Clean Companies Act (two parts exclusively online, with part one of the series appearing in the October 2013 issue). Check it out here to get a small overview of some of the important issues happening in that region of the world.

All in all, I fully expect the articles in the April (or Aprilis) ACC Docket to prompt you “to open” it (see what I did there?). After all, there are no tricks to be found and not one April Fish in our membership! And if you were considering getting me a birthday gift, checking out the April issue (and the exclusive content found at acc.com/docket) would be the best present of all (that and maybe a Caribbean vacation … next year!).