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Crossing Borders with ACC Docket

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June’s ACC Docket focuses on “Cross Borders” issues. We have a couple standout articles in this issue: one offering the perspective of an American in-house counsel practicing in France and another from the point of view of a Japanese CLO who has witnessed firsthand the growth of the in-house profession in his country. Although issues related to working in an ever-shrinking world are covered in every Docket, these personal accounts offer something extra.

As in-house counsel, you know what’s expected of you: You must stay up-to-date on regulatory changes in order to keep the business compliant (i.e., out of the news!); you must be a solution center (i.e., not the department of “no”); and above all, you must be a partner to the business by keeping costs low and contributing to the bottom line. All of those responsibilities remain the same, whether you are working on a deal with a company in a neighboring state or across the ocean; or whether you’re working with counsel located in the office next to you or live-streaming via Skype with counsel from a country on the other side of the world. Your work is global, and therefore, you need more tools to help you navigate the differences that you will encounter on a daily basis.

The Docket staff and I are working hard to bring you articles that do just that, and you will find them in each issue of the magazine, regardless of its overarching theme. Not to take anything away from our Cross Borders issue, as I stated above, we have some really good articles that offer a bit of insight into how practicing in another country may differ or mirror your own experience, as well as others dedicated to important topics like how the compliance landscape is changing in countries like China and Brazil.

Although any issue of ACC Docket will include articles and information on in-house practice around the globe, I think we will keep our Cross Borders issue … for now.