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Crossing Borders with ACC Docket

Posted in ACC Docket

June’s ACC Docket focuses on “Cross Borders” issues. We have a couple standout articles in this issue: one offering the perspective of an American in-house counsel practicing in France and another from the point of view of a Japanese CLO who has witnessed firsthand the growth of the in-house profession in his country. Although issues… Continue Reading

Meeting Our Members Matters

Posted in ACC Docket

(March 2014) Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend some time in the company of ACC’s Board of Directors. You may not think it’s a big deal for staff to meet members — no matter their volunteer role within ACC — but it is. Your feedback always helps us to not only understand more about… Continue Reading

The Possibilities Are Endless

Posted in ACC Docket

(January/February 2014) It’s the most wonderful time of the year … Yes, I know, this is a holiday song that many of us heard constantly throughout the entire month of December. However, given that it’s the first month and the first ACC Docket issue of 2014, it is still a wonderful time.

Risk Management: Is This a Joke?

Posted in ACC Docket

(December 2013) The American Heritage College Dictionary defines the following two terms: Risk (n): The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger. Management (n): The act, manner or practice of managing; handling, supervision or control. When I put these two terms together, I understand that risk management means controlling the possibility of suffering harm, loss… Continue Reading

Connecting with Your Customers

Posted in ACC Docket

(November/2013) When was the last time that you spoke to one of your customers? I am not talking about your internal clients. I am talking about the people who help keep you in business: customers who use your bank; fly your airline; watch your movie; drink your product; eat your food; or shop at your… Continue Reading

We See You

Posted in ACC Docket

(October/2013) I am thankful that my job does not involve a lot of travel. I realize there are some perks that come with the “road warrior” lifestyle, but as a former boss of mine once said: “Once you close your hotel room door, it no longer matters which chain you are in. They all become… Continue Reading

Three Days at the Beach and a Lesson in Planning

Posted in ACC Docket

(September/2013) My daughter and I recently had a girls’ getaway to the beach for three days. It was a wonderful way to end the summer with my almost-teen daughter. I learn so much more about my children when I get the chance to spend one-on-one time with them. After breakfast each morning, we rode six… Continue Reading

Seeking Inspiration on a Hot, Humid DC Day

Posted in ACC Docket

(July/August 2013) When my neighbors, a husband and wife, moved in about two years ago, they came with their dog, two kids and parents in tow. Soon, we became friends and I became particularly fond of my friend’s father, Mr. Ernest. He and his wife grew up in our area well before suburban sprawl took… Continue Reading

Channeling Your Inner Writer

Posted in ACC Docket

(June/2013) I find writing the most rewarding — yet most difficult — part of my job. I start with a blank page that I must fill with words, As the page begins to fill up (or down, depending on how you look at it), my goal is to carefully craft and convey a message that… Continue Reading

Commuter Life: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Posted in ACC Docket

(May/2013) I get to my job at ACC via a commuter train. Most of the people I ride with work for the government, hospitals and nonprofits. Some of them are contractors; others are military personnel. I spend three hours commuting, round trip. If you see me tweeting at o’dark-thirty ET, this is why.

Publicly Announcing My Parkinson’s Diagnosis — One Year Later

Posted in ACC Docket

Guest Blogger: Bret I. Parker is vice president and associate general counsel at Elizabeth Arden, Inc. and president-elect of the International Trademark Association (INTA). He serves as a member of the Patient Council of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Introduction by ACC Docket’s Publisher & Directory of Surveys Kim Howard: This month’s… Continue Reading

Four Family Members and Two TVs: Should I Benchmark Us?

Posted in ACC Docket

(March/2013) I had a conversation recently with a co-worker. We were discussing Super Bowl Sunday and the fact that I watched “Downton Abbey” in the middle of the game. As much as I love watching American football, “Downton Abbey” trumps any game. I mentioned to my co-worker that we only have two televisions in our… Continue Reading

Recognize and Motivate: Nominate a Colleague for ACC’s “Top 10 30-Somethings”

Posted in ACC Docket, In-House Practice, Leadership

Guest Blogger: Emily Jelich is Vice President, Enterprise Optimization, and Associate General Counsel with the Royal Bank of Canada. Ms. Jelich is also a Professional Ambassador for the United Way, and a member of the ACC Value Challenge Steering Committee. As an associate general counsel and vice president of the Royal Bank of Canada, I have a… Continue Reading

It’s the End of the Year, and What Have You Done?

Posted in ACC Docket

(December/2012) Borrowing from John Lennon’s song “Happy Xmas (War Is Over),” the year is over, so what have you done? No matter what holiday you celebrate — or even if you don’t celebrate at all — this is the last month of 2012. My children think the Maya calendar means that none of us will… Continue Reading

Recognize Your Boss for Outstanding Leadership

Posted in ACC Docket

Guest Blogger: Jennifer R. Deitloff is senior counsel for ConAgra Foods, Inc., where she advises the company on labor, employment and immigration matters.  She also co-chairs the Programs subcommittee for ACC’s Employment and Labor Law Committee. A great boss supports, inspires and pushes those in her department for excellence.  A great boss is direct, enthusiastic… Continue Reading

A Redesign With You in Mind

Posted in ACC Docket

(November/2012) ACC Docket has a new look. Yes, we know. You like the magazine the way it is. It’s not broken, so why redesign? Well, here’s the reason: You spoke, and we listened. Your feedback about how and where you consume information, what works for you and why, even down to how you refer to… Continue Reading

Thirty Years Built on a Single Lunch

Posted in ACC Docket

(October/2012) Three decades. Thirty years. It’s a birthday that some don’t want to acknowledge. But ACC isn’t worried about turning 30. We are in our prime and celebrating not only our history but also our future plans. ACC’s 30th anniversary can be considered young in association circles. For example, the YMCA was founded in 1844… Continue Reading

Rejuvenation Matters

Posted in ACC Docket

(September/2012) This is not an optimal time to write. It’s Friday. We leave for vacation this weekend — a vacation that’s a month later than normal. The kids’ swim team participation for the first time this year soaked up June and July. Oh, and my new boss started July 2, and I couldn’t leave her… Continue Reading

Personal and Professional Skills for Building a Successful Legal Department

Posted in ACC Docket, ACC Europe, In-House Practice

Guest Blogger: Simon Zinger is group general counsel at Aegis Group plc. The ability to deliver accurate and technically sound legal advice has been the foundation of in-house legal departments ever since lawyers joined company ranks. While legal know- how continues to represent a primary deliverable for in-house counsel, the growing opportunities for in-house lawyers… Continue Reading