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Ready to Run a Process

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Guest Blogger: Dave Sampsell has been a lawyer for 20 years and is general counsel of Digi International Inc. (NASDAQ:  DGII). He is also founder and principal of BanyanRFP.com.

It’s been strongly suggested the legal department’s costs for outside counsel need to be contained. Perhaps you’ve been told the price for professional services in the last decade has risen 20 percent while the cost of outside counsel has risen 75 percent. Perhaps more likely, the finance department just can’t believe the bills they are asked to process, reminding you and your colleagues that “legal” is a cost center.

When embracing a competitive counsel selection process for your next big engagement, here are some key things in-house counsel should keep in mind: Continue Reading

The Need for a Personal General Counsel

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Guest Blogger: Anthony Palazzo is in-house litigation counsel for a private company in Durham, N.C. Palazzo is also a member of the ACC Research Triangle Area Chapter.

Governor Christie appointed his long-time friend and legal counsel David Samson as chairman of the Port Authority. David Samson is also a Partner at Wolff & Samson—legal counsel to the Rockefeller Group, which is seeking special zoning treatment on Port Authority property located in Hoboken.

Initially, the George Washington Bridge debacle didn’t become real news until the mayor of Hoboken mentioned that one of Gov. Christie’s top aides had made very direct comments on what needed to be done regarding that special Hoboken zoning issue.

At that point started all the subpoenas, Fifth Amendment declarations, cross- subpoenas, and demands for production of documents from everyone who could spell Trenton. And all the while, our governor, at first glib, and then enraged, began the methodical dismemberment of his closest staff members.

Now, what about his longtime attorney and confidant David Samson? Where was he while this staff was rearranging the car lanes on the GW Bridge? Apparently, David Samson was silent and nowhere to be found by anyone, including the governor.

The basic definition of a general counsel is the head of the law department of a company. The reality is that the function of a general counsel is to protect his/her employer while advancing the employer’s goals. Loyalty to the employer is paramount to everything except God, legal ethics requirements and, sometimes, legal impediments. Continue Reading

Crossing Borders with ACC Docket

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June’s ACC Docket focuses on “Cross Borders” issues. We have a couple standout articles in this issue: one offering the perspective of an American in-house counsel practicing in France and another from the point of view of a Japanese CLO who has witnessed firsthand the growth of the in-house profession in his country. Although issues related to working in an ever-shrinking world are covered in every Docket, these personal accounts offer something extra. Continue Reading

The 2014 Docket Readership Survey: Five Things I Didn’t Know

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The ACC Docket does well — wins awards every year, tops the list of publications for in-house counsel, and adds great membership benefit. I can’t tell you how many times I was approached by a member at the Annual Meeting last year in LA and told how great the Docket is. While the staff works extremely hard on every issue, it’s fair to say that the publication’s success wouldn’t be possible without the in-house (and firm) counsel who contribute to it. We’d love to take credit, but, really, you make the Docket, the DOCKET.

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