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Last Chance to Submit a Nomination for the ACC Advocacy Award

Posted in Miscellaneous

Closing soon! There are only eight days left to submit a nomination(s) for the 2016 ACC Advocacy Award.

Do you know someone who has helped advance issues critical to ACC members? Have you?

The ACC Advocacy Award will spotlight an individual, ACC chapter or ACC committee who has greatly advanced ACC’s core advocacy issues. This includes professional role and status of in-house counsel, attorney-client privilege, practice and licensing issues and/or other matters of major importance to the in-house counsel community worldwide. Continue Reading

Where Were the Lawyers?

Posted in Litigation Shorts

Guest blogger: Evan Slavitt is general counsel at AVX Corporation. He is also the publications chair and cybersecurity subcommittee chair of the ACC Litigation Committee. He can be reached at evan.slavitt@avx.com.

I just saw “The Big Short.” It was a good explanation of the mortgage meltdown and reasonably enjoyable as a movie. But it raised the question — where were the lawyers? Continue Reading

Foodservice Companies Must Beware and Carefully Review Content Under SmartLabel™ Disclosures

Posted in Litigation Shorts

Guest bloggers: Ed Paulis is vice president and assistant general counsel at Zurich North America Group. He is also chair of the ACC Litigation Committee. He can be reached at edward.paulis@zurichna.com. Ashlee M. Knuckey is an associate attorney at Locke Lord LLP in Chicago, and represents a number of foodservice companies. She can be reached at aknuckey@lockelord.com.

The new SmartLabel™ initiative, rolled out by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, its member companies and others in the industry, is an effort by food, beverage and consumer products companies to bring transparency to the labeling of consumer goods, and food products in particular. Following efforts by various consumer groups to obtain more information about products being sold, the voluntary SmartLabel™ QR offers an opportunity for food manufacturers to direct consumers to more detailed disclosures about what goes into the making of their food, including nutrition, ingredient and allergen information, third-party certifications, social compliance programs, company/brand information and advisories. Continue Reading

The Unusual “Shape” of a Great Legal Training Presentation

Posted in Career

Guest blogger: Joel Smith is corporate counsel at Generac Power Systems, Inc. and also frequently writes on legal training for InHouseOwl. He can be reached at joel@inhouseowl.com.

You’ve probably stood up in front of a conference room and given a PowerPoint-based training presentation at some point in your in-house career. How would you say your presentation was received, compared to — for example — Steve Jobs’ 2007 iPhone introduction speech?

Was there applause?

Was there laughter?

Were there gasps of amazement? Continue Reading