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Consumer Data Compliance

Posted in Annual Meeting 2013 Technology Risks Series

Guest Blogger: Juli Greenberg is corporate counsel of Heartland Payment Systems.

The core concept behind Big Data is that consumers aren’t the customers anymore; they are the product. Companies are learning to capitalize on collecting, storing, using, sharing and selling information about the consumers who purchase or use their products and services. For instance, mobile applications provide useful services for consumers, such as free map applications or social networking utilities, but often as a vehicle to collect data about those consumers for purposes unrelated to the mobile application. Continue Reading

Trade Secret Protection: Tips for Protecting Your Company’s “Secret Sauce”

Posted in Annual Meeting 2013 Technology Risks Series

Guest Blogger: Audra Dial is partner at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP.

The US Attorney General recently stated: “There are only two categories of companies affected by trade secret theft. Those that know they’ve been compromised — and those that don’t know it yet.”

With the click of a mouse and the insertion of a USB drive, trade secrets can be instantly compromised. The threat is particularly acute when competitors sense vulnerabilities — whether they are disgruntled employees, questionable business partners or unsophisticated contractors. Statistics confirm that nearly three-quarters of all trade secret misuse involves insiders.  Continue Reading

App Development and Why Mobile Privacy Matters

Posted in Annual Meeting 2013 Technology Risks Series, Uncategorized

Guest Blogger: Phil Lee is partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP.

Mobile app development poses many legal challenges, not the least of which are privacy concerns. In a post-PRISM world, consumer sensitivities to tracking and geo-location are at an all-time high. Why else does mobile privacy matter? It’s simple: If you’re anything like me, your mobile device has become your closest, most-trusted friend. Continue Reading

Your Organization’s Primary Cyber Risks

Posted in Annual Meeting 2013 Technology Risks Series

Guest Blogger: Eric Drattell is senior vice president & general counsel for Risk Management Solutions, Inc; David Garrett is managing director for Stroz Friedberg LLC; and Mark Krause is senior counsel, Compliance and Litigation for Warner Bros. Entertainment.

We live in a brave new world. Technology is changing at a lightning fast pace. Most (if not all) organizations have some valuable confidential information or intellectual property that makes them potential targets for a cyber-attack. Indeed, companies today are under constant assault from hackers and inside threats. It is paramount that companies have an in-depth understanding of the digital threats they face, and draw on the expertise of in-house counsel to manage the substantial legal risks that those threats create. Continue Reading