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Crossing Borders with ACC Docket

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June’s ACC Docket focuses on “Cross Borders” issues. We have a couple standout articles in this issue: one offering the perspective of an American in-house counsel practicing in France and another from the point of view of a Japanese CLO who has witnessed firsthand the growth of the in-house profession in his country. Although issues… Continue Reading

Risk Management: Is This a Joke?

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(December 2013) The American Heritage College Dictionary defines the following two terms: Risk (n): The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger. Management (n): The act, manner or practice of managing; handling, supervision or control. When I put these two terms together, I understand that risk management means controlling the possibility of suffering harm, loss… Continue Reading

Connecting with Your Customers

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(November/2013) When was the last time that you spoke to one of your customers? I am not talking about your internal clients. I am talking about the people who help keep you in business: customers who use your bank; fly your airline; watch your movie; drink your product; eat your food; or shop at your… Continue Reading

Channeling Your Inner Writer

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(June/2013) I find writing the most rewarding — yet most difficult — part of my job. I start with a blank page that I must fill with words, As the page begins to fill up (or down, depending on how you look at it), my goal is to carefully craft and convey a message that… Continue Reading

Global Compliance Concerns Carry Over Into the New Year

Posted in Ethics & Compliance

Last fall, the US Department of Justice and Security and Exchange Commission released new guidelines to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the United Kingdom’s Serious Fraud Office unveiled revisions to the UK Bribery Act policies, giving corporate lawyers plenty to mull over within their departments. These two documents provide guidance and regulation for issues… Continue Reading

Recognize and Motivate: Nominate a Colleague for ACC’s “Top 10 30-Somethings”

Posted in Career

Guest Blogger: Emily Jelich is Vice President, Enterprise Optimization, and Associate General Counsel with the Royal Bank of Canada. Ms. Jelich is also a Professional Ambassador for the United Way, and a member of the ACC Value Challenge Steering Committee. As an associate general counsel and vice president of the Royal Bank of Canada, I have a… Continue Reading

When Managing Litigation, Be Sure to Wash Your Hands

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(May 2012) Many of you know that I have two children: a 14-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl. They share a bathroom. And, unless you are blessed to live with someone exactly like you, arguments about bathroom neatness are bound to occur. After all the reminders, threats and punishments, my son is still your average… Continue Reading

So I Married a Micromanager

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(April 2012) Some of you may know that my husband runs a business — one that I worked full time in for three years before ACC hired me in 2006. As with most small businesses, I was the jack-of-all-trades: marketing and communications, proofreader, bookkeeper, administration, and yes, human resources. I even got the boss coffee…. Continue Reading

Legal Off Shoring Is Not Just for Documents Anymore

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By Kwarma Vanderpuye, senior vice president and general counsel of the India-based legal outsourcing company, SDD Global Solutions. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Greater New York Chapter of the ACC, and is chairperson of the general counsel/chief legal officer practice group.  With the possible exception of people who’ve spent the… Continue Reading