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The Value Champions Strike Back

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Sequels are quite underrated, particularly the second one in the series.  Think about it. We all remember the first iterations of blockbuster movies, as if they were the gold standards, while most sequels are forgettable. Still, sometimes, the sequel outdoes the original. Lists of good sequels abound, but any such list has to include “The… Continue Reading

Pro Bono Junkies, Sanctions for Everyone? The Death of the Billable Hour and more…!

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Here at ACC, we meet the needs of global in-house counsel by providing support through information, networking, education opportunities and advocacy. Each week we update our website with resources and information to help support every level of your in-house career. Check out this week’s resources and highlights of ACC in the news: ACC in the… Continue Reading

Law Firm Access to ACC Value Index

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The ACC Value Index (AVI) is a tool meant to inform in-house counsel decisions as part of a larger process of selecting and retaining a law firm. The AVI is a searchable database for in-house counsel to share subjective evaluations of the firms they engage.  It is key to note that this is a process… Continue Reading

Sorry I Had Writer’s Block

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I have been a bit delinquent in my blogs because I had writer’s block, but not the ordinary kind. Mine had very distinct causes – the installation of a new HVAC system and re-decking and re-roofing my garage. I may be a lawyer, but I still have some useful skills. As you know, I have… Continue Reading

This is Value Billing

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Enormous effort has gone into attempts to construct billing arrangements that reflect a law firm’s contribution to a case because of the belief that hours spent was not necessarily a relevant indicator of that contribution and may actually create an incentive to distort billings. In-house lawyers have often had to argue about the value of… Continue Reading

ACC’s Value Challenge Overtaken By The Bailout Of The Hourly Rate

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The former CFO of my former company called me this morning outraged by an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer touting the hourly rates that Jones Day lawyers were charging Chrysler in the Chrysler bankruptcy. They apparently billed 18.9 million since November trying to keep Chrysler out of bankruptcy. Not bad for being unsuccessful, even… Continue Reading

An Act of Altruism or a Cry of Pain

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Recently, a colleague sent me an article from Forbes entitled “Kill the Billable Hour”. The author was a self proclaimed trial lawyer from a large law firm began by telling his readers how he was able to charge a lot for each of his hours and he could bill as many hours as he wanted… Continue Reading

Who Supports The Billable Hour?

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I attended a NEO ACCA conference on alternatives to the billable hour a few days ago. In the next few blogs I will share some impressions, observations and thoughts. First, let me make an observation: it was fortunate I went because I contributed to making the audience slightly larger than the presenters. You would have… Continue Reading