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Situational Awareness and In-house Counsel Technology

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Situational awareness is a relatively new term, applied most frequently by the military, emergency services and air traffic control. It is a complex field and has generated much study and many definitions. One that I like simply defines situational awareness as “being aware of one’s surroundings and identifying potential threats and dangerous situations.”


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ACC Board Members See Opportunities in the Midst of Greater Regulatory Scrutiny, Increased Client Demands & Efficiency Directives in the New Year As 2009 comes to a close, some will look back on the past year disheartened by the economic upheaval that occurred, while others will look ahead with cautious optimism, confident that in the… Continue Reading

ACC’s 2009 Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall – Tchotchkes Overshadowed by Interest in Value & Efficiency

Posted in Value & Innovation

The second day of a two and a half day conference can sometimes wane in attendance and engagement, but Day 2 at ACC’s 2009 Annual Meeting in Boston didn’t show any sign of diminishing interest. Attendees dispersed throughout the exhibit hall for their morning coffee and croissants, while chatting with the 100+ exhibitors and sponsors on… Continue Reading

Working Together to Make the ACC Value Challenge Work

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 “Automating broken processes won’t make us smarter; it can make us stupider faster.” ~ Steven Levy Participating in a panel discussion at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) conference last month was yet another opportunity for me to engage in a discussion about the ACC Value Challenge.  But, instead of speaking to in-house counsel and… Continue Reading

The ACC Value Challenge —Technologists, Yes, this Means You, Too

Posted in Value & Innovation

“Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.” ~ Earl Nightingale  Accountability, efficiency and value — three words that are reverberating throughout the legal services industry these days.  In-house counsel are being held accountable by their companies to contain costs and predict… Continue Reading