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The Number of Lawsuits is Clearly Dropping: Reasons Offered by Some Practitioners

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Over the past week I have discussed this topic with a few lawyers. Two were from large national firms and both confirmed that the numbers of lawsuits were indeed falling and it was a national phenomenon. A sole practitioner back east had a similar observation. Each offered different explanations. One suggested that clients had billion… Continue Reading

Where Have All The Lawsuits Gone? PART 2

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Federal Courts have long been the forum of choice for commercial enterprises. Except for rare cases where a particular federal court might result in what you perceive as an unsympathetic jury pool, trial lawyers representing commercial enterprises (I being one of them) typically chose to file a case in federal court or remove it to… Continue Reading

Where Have All The Lawsuits Gone? PART 1

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Bob Banks wrote in the Harvard Business Review a number of years ago that Xerox had a legal budget and it was always exceeded. For sure there are numerous legal expenses, but the culprit for breaking the budget was typically litigation. Many ACC (formerly ACCA) members convened at the Brookings Institution to seek a remedy…. Continue Reading