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“Meet and Confer” — A Pernicious Practice?

Posted in Litigation Committee

Guest blogger: Evan Slavitt is general counsel at AVX Corporation. He is also the publications chair and cybersecurity subcommittee chair of the ACC Litigation Committee. He can be reached at evan.slavitt@avx.com. One increasingly prevalent practice in federal court is a “meet and confer” requirement. Essentially, counsel cannot file anything with the court until meeting with… Continue Reading

When Managing Litigation, Be Sure to Wash Your Hands

Posted in ACC Docket

(May 2012) Many of you know that I have two children: a 14-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl. They share a bathroom. And, unless you are blessed to live with someone exactly like you, arguments about bathroom neatness are bound to occur. After all the reminders, threats and punishments, my son is still your average… Continue Reading

Editors Procrastinate Too

Posted in ACC Docket

(May — 2011) I admit it: I am a planner. When my staff creates the yearly production schedule for the Docket, it provides a framework for what our weeks will be like for the next 12-18 months. It is crucial that we keep an eye on key dates and deadlines. For example, when we are at ACC’s 2011… Continue Reading

A Value-based Client-Firm Relationship: Part VI

Posted in Value & Innovation

Post 6 Alternative Fees and Quality of Work   Week 6. Each week via the In-house ACCess blog, follow the promise and pitfalls of forming a new value-based client-firm relationship. This blog pairing explores how to improve the value returned using a different approach to managing litigation work.  As General Counsel of Kayak, Karen Klein… Continue Reading

Be a Lawyer, You Love to Argue

Posted in ACC Docket

(ACC Docket — May) A quick straw poll at a recent ACC MiniMBA showed that all the former litigators in the room eventually moved out of this area of their profession for one reason: they got tired of always arguing. If all the good litigators leave, who will represent you in court? Is there a way… Continue Reading